I am about “food’ed” out…

Oh no…don’t panic farmers. I still love and crave your products.

I thoroughly enjoy my double cheeseburgers, all meat pizzas, ice cream, a full loaf of hot bread, steamy broccoli, Chile, tacos, heaping piles of pasta, biscuits and gravy, pie, mashed potatoes… Nope, nothing wrong with my food cravings.

I’m just tired of everyone weighing in on their opinion of what I eat. I’m tired of the word “healthy”… I’m tired of the word “sustainable”... I’m tired of the word “natural”. I’m tired of the word “organic”. I’m tired of the word “local”. I’m tired of the word “processed”.  I am tired of the word “gmo”. I am tired of this movement and that movement.

Just leave me be and let me eat what I want.

Really, I’m tired of hypocrisy of it all. (Hypocrisy like Chipotle buying its grass fed beef from Australia)

Let’s talk hypocrisy… How many of you have heard the news media stories about the plummeting grain prices and how food prices should be falling? What…Nobody? Me neither.

I have written several columns in the past about grain Commodity prices and the price relationship to food.  Usually, I have felt the need to write an explanation that just because commodity prices have risen does not mean that food prices will or should also rise.  

But let’s be fair. Every time commodity prices go up, the media runs out to get a story about how food prices will rise because of “skyrocketing” farm prices, asking consumers how they will handle it.

Food companies that feature products made using corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, dairy, meat, and other ingredients have many times used rising commodity prices as an excuse to raise the price of their food products. The media just eats it up.

One example I have used in the past is that there is approximately 10 cents of corn in a box of cornflakes so when the price of corn doubles, that box of cornflakes should go up a maximum of 10 more cents… Not the $.50 or a dollar which typically occurs) The Food Companies take advantage of the consumer’s lack of knowledge. The misdirection seems to work.

So what are the companies going to do now? Will they use the same logic stream to lower food prices significantly because Commodity prices of corn, soybeans, and wheat have had steep declines?

Checkout the simple chart below showing five-year annual pricing of a bushel of corn, soybeans, and wheat raised by farmers in the United States.


August, 2014


August, 2013

August, 2012

August, 2011

August, 2010



















The source for the data is the National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) of the US Department of Agriculture ( http://www.nass.usda.gov/index.asp ).

Apply the food companies logic stream for increasing prices in cereal, bread, and other foods that contain the big three commodities…prices at the grocery store will soon plummet. Excellent!  The commodity prices are roughly the same amount as they were five years ago so the consumer should expect that food prices would be the same price, right?

My stomach, Vernon, will be so happy!

What are the odds you will hear about it? There’s that word hypocrisy again.