Farm Bureau partners with local charity to celebrate Food Checkout Day

Since 2001 the Cook County farmers and the Cook County Farm Bureau® have been celebrating Food Checkout Day.  Food Checkout Day highlights the safe and nutritious food grown by local farmers grow while also drawing attention to those families who struggle to find solutions to feeding their families healthy food on a tight budget.  Through Farm Bureau’s partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Farm Bureau members are able to assist families during the most difficult time of their lives, when their child is ill. Cook County Farm Bureau® members celebrate Food Checkout Day by collecting food items, hosting a scavenger hunt and shopping spree to benefit local Ronald McDonald Houses and by encouraging farmers, sponsors, Country Financial Agencies, 4-H members, and students to participate in a food drive.  “Cook County and Illinois farmers are committed to growing safe and nutritious food for our families and for o ...

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State and Local Legislative Briefing Scheduled for March 27

Join renowned speakers and the Cook County Farm Bureau® for a candid discussion about state and local issues.  Topics include current legislative issues and Farm Bureau’s 2017 legislative priorities.  Ample discussion time is scheduled.

 March 27, 2017

Ronald McDonald House near Lurie (Community Room, 5th Floor)

211 E. Grand Street, Chicago

11:30 a.m. (Lunch)

Discussion begins at 12:00 p.m.

 This discussion is open to legislators and their legislative staff only.  For additional information or to register for the event please contact Bona Heinsohn at (708) 354-3276.

Board Members Celebrate Food Checkout Day

Board Members count down the few remaining years until this year's Food Checkout Day.  Join us in celebrating Food Checkout Day and the nutritious contributions of local farmers by donating non-perishable food and supplies for our local Ronald McDonald Houses.

Ag Literacy Volunteers Celebrate Food Checkout Day

Farm Bureau volunteers help to count down the final two weeks until this year's Food Checkout Day.  Food Checkout Day donations can still be dropped off at the Farm Bureau building, 6438 Joliet Road in Countryside.

Downwind by Bob Rohrer, CAE, FBCM, Manager

Downwind by Bob Rohrer Hey James Bond fans… Do you remember the opening scene of the 2006 movie Casino Royale (with Daniel Craig as 007)? Bond chases a man through a construction zone /building in Madagascar.  (Nothing unusual about Bond chasing a guy in a movie)  However this chase scene is more unusual…the man who Bond is chasing is an expert Parkour-ist with wonderful agility and speed. Amazing! Parkour is the sport of running, jumping, climbing, balancing, flipping and rolling rapidly, usually through an urban environment.  When you see someone with extreme parkour skills, like the man that Bond was chasing, it seems as if the person glides and flies through areas that a normal person would have trouble walking and climbing through (like a lead footed Bob Rohrer for example).  People with this ability to Parkour seem to be able to defy gravity. How do they do that? Parkour requires extraordinary skill and the trade-off is seemingly broken bones, a smashed face, and se ...

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Manifolds, Manolos & Bona Heinsohn

Soon families and college-aged students will prepare for the annual exodus to warmer climates, vacation rentals, and hotels situated along cascading currents of water.  Chlorinated and otherwise.  Spring also ushers in the every two-year trek of new Illinois General Assembly members.  As well as the exodus of experienced legislators. This year’s trek will be led by Representative Theresa Mah who claimed the second House district.  Mah who was on faculty at the University of Chicago will represent the Pilsen, Chinatown, Bridgeport, McKinley Park, Brighton Park and Back of the Yards neighborhoods.  Mah’s service record includes rallying the Chinese American community to push for a single district in 2012.  In Springfield, she’ll continue her work for working families, education, job growth, and immigration reform.  Mah was endorsed by Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia among others. Mah will be joined by Representative Juliana Stratt ...

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Ag Lit Bit by Diane Merrion

Share your stories The American Farm Bureau Foundation for agriculture unveiled their 2017 Book of the Year, Sleep Tight Farm by Eugenie Doyle. Below is the speech given by Eugenie Doyle on January 8, 2017 as she accepted her award. “Thank you, this award is delicious!   Writing, much like farming, involves long hours of work and little acclaim. And that’s okay. We don’t chose those careers for their promise of celebrity status. Still, it is encouraging to have our work recognized and I thank you.  I want to say thank to my editor at Chronicle, Melissa Manlove, and of the brilliant illustrator of STF, Becca Stadtlander. Clearly a picture book is not a picture book without visual images, and I am capable only of drawing with words.  I mention these two collaborators because they represented for me a challenge familiar to any farmer trying to illuminate the world of agriculture to those who through no fault of their own, are ag illiterates. To her great credit, my edi ...

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Commodities Volunteers Celebrate Food Checkout Day

Farm Bureau volunteers took a moment during the December Team member to help us "count down" the days remaining until Food Checkout Day on February 14, 2017.  

Members are Encouraged to Discuss Policy Issues Without Leaving Home

Cook County Farm Bureau® will host a policy discussion on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 7 p.m.  This discussion will take place via conference call and all farmer members are invited to join in.  The discussion will primarily focus on private property rights, including the acquisition of land by the government or public utilities.  This remains a timely and pertinent issue given the Great Lakes Basin Railroad and the Rock Island Clean Line energy project.  Both projects will involve the acquisition, likely through eminent domain of private property. Farmer members participating on the call will have ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues of concern to them, not related to the topic. To participate in the discussion: Farmer members will receive an automated call just prior to 7 p.m. asking if they want to participate in the discussion.  Once on the call, members will be able to hear the discussion, ask questions, and discuss topics of interest to them. Additi ...

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Ag Adventures Year Long Word Search Contest Winner Chosen

We were pleased to present a Cook County Agriculture Basket, packed with local farm and food agricultural products and goodness, to member Christine Grzebielucha and her husband Mark last night. Chris was one of 28 Cook County Farm Bureau members who completed all 12 word search activities as a part of the Ag Adventures for Families page of the Cooperator in 2016.

Her name was randomly drawn as a winner for her persistency. The Grzebieluchas have been members for over 30 years! They also had very nice things to say about their Country Financial Rep, Bob Smith as well! Kudos!