Candidate Survey: Barbara McGowan, Candidate for MWRD

Candidate Name BARBARA MCGOWAN Candidate for Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Website Address None Facebook Page BARBARA MCGOWAN What do you consider to be the major issue(s) as it pertains to the office you are seeking? The major issue for me as an incumbent Commissioner of the MWRD is to continue our efforts to fund and complete the entire TARP Program which includes the completion of all phases of the McCook Reservoirs to elevate flooding for the citizens of Cook County, and conjun ...

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Faces of Farming

Candidate Survey: Diane Shapiro, Candidate for Cook County Circuit Court

What do you consider to be the major issue(s) as it pertains to the office you are seeking? The major issues in the office of the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk are an antiquated computerized system which has not been modernized significantly in over 20 years, despite federal court general orders 09-014 signed by Judge James Holderman in June of 2009 and 14-0024 in  signed by Judge Ruben Castillo in October of 2014 ordering the modernization of the computerized system. Official court files often are lost or mislaid and contents thereof are sometimes missing. Over 120 appeals now pending are on hold due to the files not being able to be found, according to what I have been informed, and nobody seems to be held accountable for these problems. Management does not seem to be attentive to the many other problems including when a fine or fee is paid in one computer system it is not recognized in any other one. In 2016, I ...

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Candidate Survey: Mariyana Spyropoulos, Incumbent Candidate for MWRD

What do you consider to be the major issue(s) as it pertains to the office you are seeking? The major issue facing the MWRD is the issue of Stormwater Management. As weather patterns indicate we will face more intense rain events and 40% of Cook County has non-permeable surfaces, the area faces challenges to prevent flooding because the water has nowhere to go. The Deep Tunnel project has helped lessen flooding, but investing in our aging infrastructure combined with the use of green infrastructure are necessary to further reduce flooding events. What will your number one priority be, if you are elected? My number one priority will be to continue to have the MWRD meet its mission. Our mission is to protect our water environment. We are doing that by reducing nutrient runoff. Investing in our infrastructure will also create ...

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Candidate Survey: Josina Morita, MWRD

What do you consider to be the major issue(s) as it pertains to the office you are seeking? MWRD is doing exciting work under the leadership of a new Executive Director. It is a $1.1 billion agency that has main- tained a solid bond rating and financial footing, which is important for taxpayers, and their recently negotiated employee pension package provides greater long-term stability as well. The board passed the Watershed Management Ordinance—a huge step forward in addressing the county's stormwater management issues and increasing green infrastructure. Disinfection is beginning—at far less cost than initially estimated. And the agency is moving forward with nutrient recovery including phosphorous removal which will improve our water quality and provide new revenue opportunities for the district. In recent years, we have experienced more intense, more localized and more damaging rainstorms that m ...

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Faces of Farming

While the size of our farms may vary, our commitment remains the same: providing your family with nutritious, quality food you can feel good about. 


Join the CCFB Young Leader Group and Toy Box Connection Holiday Toy Drive

Make a teenager’s holiday wish come true! The Cook County Farm Bureau Young Leader Group is hosting a holiday toy drive where we collect unwrapped new/gently used toys for children between the ages of 13-19. Item Donations: DVD’s                                        All clean and working toys Puzzles and games                              Video games & systems Books                                     Sports equipment Musical instruments      & ...

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Faces of Cook County Farming

Like you, we have families. We care about their health, wellness and safety.  Carl Smits, greenhouse owner in Chicago Heights

Harvest and Holiday- Farm to table lessons for the classroom

Calling all teachers!  Join us for a 2 hour workshop on October 19th to learn ways to integrate agriculture into your lessons from Halloween through the end of 2016.  Lessons will focus on corn, soybeans, science, math, literature and more.  Each teacher earns 2 PDCH credits for attending this free program.  Bring resources back to use immediately in your classroom.  Pre-registration required via email to  Visit our website for more information at  

Hot Topic: Atrazine

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency undergoes a registration review of all products it registers.  A registration review, which occurs every 15 years is EPA’s process to ensure that each pesticide continues to perform its intended function without adverse effects on human health or the environment. The herbicide atrazine is currently under review.  Atrazine is used to prevent broadleaf weeds in corn fields and on golf courses and lawns.  It is one of the most widely used herbicides in the U.S.  and is used on roughly 70 percent of Illinois corn acres.  In fact, Illinois farmers use one-sixth of all atrazine in the U.S.  Atrazine is also used on more than half of all U.S. corn acres and two-thirds of U.S. sorghum and sugarcane acres.  This herbicide is an important weed control tool for Illinois and U.S. farmers.  Atrazine increases crop yields and enables farmers to use conservation tillage and no-till farming, helping soil health and keeping aquatic syste ...

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