Downwind - April 2005

Do you ever think about how one small seemingly random occurrence can change the next 24 hours of your life? I suppose it happens more frequently than we suspect…we just don’t think about it. I have a recent example to illustrate this point which ultimately provided me this material…and I thought I did not have a topic to write about.

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Downwind - March 2005

March 20th marks the start of spring…a time of new growth of plant life, the blooming of flowers, warming of temperatures in Northern Illinois (we hope) and perhaps renewed optimism following the gray, dreariness of winter. Those piles of charcoal colored snow are eyesores that probably stick around a few more months, unfortunately.

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Downwind - February 2005

How about the Streets and Sanitation Department of Chicago running a pilot project to try out corn de-icer as an alternative to salt? I say, "it’s about time." I hope Mayor Daley did not come up with this concept due to the "Scandal odds". All agriculture needs now is to have its corn star in the latest investigative report.

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There is no better place in the world for deep, contemplative thinking than your neighborhood McDonald Play Place. The atmosphere is complete "joy"…shrieks of laughter, pounding, pulsing, thumping feet of children ages 1 to however old I am. That Ray Kroc was a two-arched genius to create this dynasty.

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