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January, 2012

Ag Literacy

“Thank you for teaching us about AGRICULTURE!” byDiane Merrion As we move into a new year, we continue to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Ag in the Classroom Program.  It’s hard to believe that it all started back in 1986 and is still growing strong after all these years.  Certainly the world was a different place back then with gas priced at .89/gallon, the average price of a new car being $9,255.00, the Dow closing the year at 1895 and a Tandy 600 portable computer costing $1,599.00.  We were watching(not  TiVo’g) Cheers, Family Ties and Hill Street Blues on television(without HD) and listening to Whitney’s “The Greatest Love of All” or Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” on the radio (not our IPods). Yes, the world has certainly changed over the years, but students are still excited to learn about agriculture and can’t wait for the Ag Presenter to come to their classrooms.  We don’t bring anything high tech or fancy, just corn, wheat, oats and soybeans right from the field to see and touch.  They get to s ...

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“Downwind”  Spread across my desk are papers, files, sticky notes, pink “important messages” and other “tools” of this craft know as “being a manager”. My desk serves as a giant “to do” list…if I hide these materials by filing them, they may never see light again, I’m afraid. I “hear” that laptops, pda’s notebooks, and other electronics will lead to a paperless system…riiiggghhhttt. As I allow my eyes to drift across my “to do” list that some people call a desk, it strikes me that the biggest piles of stuff seem to related to what government is doing or going to do to our members.  There is a word used by bureaucrats to describe this “doing” to people…the word is “Regulation”. Bureaucrats like that word. Bureaucrats enjoy that word. Bureaucrats need that word…Regualtion is the backbone of government growth and involvement.  Here are 3 quick examples I see from my vantage point from this old, black chair that I am parked in… There is a note from a member who runs a Day Care saying, in part… “By government r ...

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Manifolds, Manolos and Manure

Several years ago I adopted a massive mean looking Maine Coon cat from my local animal control.  Ignoring his apparent hatred for life insurance salesmen, carpenters and painters he’s actually quite a peach complete with buck-teeth. Since the quiet arrival of my blue-eyed daughter he’s gone from king of the castle and surveyor of his kitty underlings to the occasional pillow, tea partner and “pony-ride” provider.  Like her kitty ‘Monday’ he will tolerate just about anything a two-and-a-half year old can dole out. Each morning before her perpetually late parents manage to creep from bed, my blue-eyed daughter opens her door and calls for her kitty.  While we don’t know exactly what goes on, we’ve founded them curled up asleep, ‘dining’ on muffins prepared in her kitchen and scavenging through her sock drawer.  At the end of last year, my little blue-eyed girl overslept and ‘Xanadau’ sat outside her door just willing it to open. To say that my family and I are animal lovers might be an understatement.  But I ...

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