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February, 2012

My Kids, Agriculture and Ag Tourism

Did you know that cows can eat around 40 pounds of food each day?  Can you believe that as pigs grow, they can eat up to 9 pounds of feed per day?  Isn’t it amazing that horses drink 10-12 gallons of fresh water every day!  If I didn’t know any better I would think we were talking about my three boys, not three animals.  These facts are directly from the Illinois Ag in the Classroom 2011-2012 School Calendar.  When my two college age boys were home for a month this winter break, I felt as though I was feeding a farm full of growing animals.  My grocery bills suddenly tripled each week and my recycling was spilling over the top of the bins.  Yes, it seemed as though I was buying 40 pounds of food and 10 gallons of milk, juice and other refreshments each week.  The similarities struck me as fascinating so back to the calendar I went looking for other interesting facts I might relate to. Horses have sharp ears, keen eyes and a good sense of smell (wow, my boys said the same thing about me during their time ho ...

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John Gierach is an American author. He is not in the mega-block buster thriller, mystery writer or fiction novelist category. In fact, his genre has what can be considered a fairly small market…fly fishing. However, he is probably the best known fly-fishing writer of today’s era. You can gain a sense of his books simply by reading a few of the titles…Trout Bum; Sex, Death and Fly Fishing; Dances with Trout; and Standing in a River Waving a Stick. The books consists of essays that focus on fishing experiences, locations, unique conditions, people, humor, and unusual thoughts of random or connected tangents. His audience, while a comparatively small target marketing group, is quite passionate about the craft and has helped Mr. Gierach make a living doing what he loves doing, fly-fishing. So many people wish they could make a living doing what they love instead of what they have to do. I’ve been reading, essay by essay, Gierach’s book entitled “No Shortage of Good Days”. The book highlights the fact that the m ...

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Manifolds, Manolos and Manure

As the New Year is slowly losing its charm and our New Year’s resolve is beginning to or has faded I want to take a minute to look at the more amusing New Year’s resolutions. This year, I will … Stop licking frozen flag poles (that really should go without saying). Spend less than two thousand bucks on coffee at (you finish the sentence). Claim all my pets as dependents on my taxes (Dear tax preparer …). Avoid texting while simultaneously eating junk food, applying makeup and driving with a frosted windshield. Not tell potential employers that I have a problem with their authority while still in the interview (save that one for the post-interview thank you note). And last but certainly not to be forgotten stop eating meat. What? Wait a minute. How’d that last one get in there? As a former co-worker of mine likes to say, “No meat, no meal.” In perennial fashion, Terry Mason now the chief medical officer for the Cook County Health and Hospital System has kicked off January with a plea for county residents to ...

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