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June, 2012

Small Town Heart in a Big City.


Just another tractor sitting around at my family farm. This is why I can tell the difference between an H and a M

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Life Lessons - Installment # "FOUR"

June 2012 In recent months, I've been reflecting upon various life lessons I've learned while growing up on the farm. Based on the response of readers, there's apparently a bunch of you that can relate! We all have experiences that affect the way that we live our lives. Some are good experiences and some not so good but either way, they shape, mold, influence, and guide decisions, thinking, and behavior.  Now, as I look back upon some of these stories and experiences, they serve to be not only fun memories of ways that I can share cause and effects with my children. (My brother John, after I dedicated last month’s “lesson ”to him, sent to me a note saying “brings back some good memories, seems like we didn't need anything fancy to entertain us” ).  So true, Bro!  I thank the readers as I relive and share some of the “not-so-proud and somewhat embarrassing occurrences” in my life that seem to have made me who I am today. So, with that Preface, it ...

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Manifolds, Manolos and Manure

Sitting at the Dev International School in Nilokheri, India a colleague and I agreed that never again would we growl about hosting a farm visit for foreign dignitaries or other organizations despite how busy or involved in other projects we are. The greeting we received from the parents, families and school personnel was both overwhelming and humbling.  Our group joined the school and community for a presentation, reception and traditional Indian greeting after touring a nearby fish and chicken farm.  Only the group from Illinois seemed to realize that it was, in fact, an eighty-six degree, cloud-free Sunday afternoon when we visited Nilokheri. Throughout our visit to India, we were constantly impressed and humbled by their welcomes and willingness to open their homes, businesses and minds to farmers and farm professionals from Illinois.  To say that we felt like unwilling rock stars might not be too far from the truth. Nary six weeks later and a half a world away, our promise to never again growl about ar ...

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