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August, 2012

Summer S’mores

The coming of August has always been my signal for the beginning of my favorite season: fall. I know many of you may say, but there’s still a month of summer left!! While this is true, I still cannot help but to think fall is on its way. Sure, I always hated the thought of school starting midway through the month, but there were so many other things to look forward to when those crunchy leaves start to cascade down! I LOVE football season, crunchy leaves to pounce on (yes, I’m still a small child at heart!), the smell of fresh cool air, fall festivals, the Scenic Drive, fall harvest and of course bonfires!  Out of all of these great things, bonfires have to be my absolute favorite. Nothing beats sitting around warm, dancing flames with friends and family just enjoying the view and the company. In close second to flames and friends is the classic S’more! Trust me when I tell you this girl loves her chocolate and marshmallows, so what could be better than the two combined on graham crack ...

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Life Lessons - Chapter 6

August 2012 I am sitting in front of my computer again considering my childhood as I write another column that focuses in on life lessons from the farm. Everybody who pops their head into my office probably thinks that this effort I'm putting forth looks like daydreaming but no, I'm working!  As you know, I've been writing about growing up on a farm and the lessons that I learned from both positive and negative experiences. These lessons impact my daily life today. For those of you who are growing weary of my recollections, my apologies to you. Don't panic, only a couple more months to go! Lesson nine: Work and then play…Sometimes in that order! The rumor on the street is that the profession of farming is hard work. This is a collectively shared belief most non-farm people have and I am always quick to agree. When I was growing up, we certainly felt like we worked plenty hard a bit too frequently. In fact, I found myself wanting to be an anti-work leader. However, to be honest and forthrigh ...

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