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September, 2012

It's That Time of Year...

As you already know, membership dues billings were sent to all members beginning the week of September 17th.  We respectfully request your assistance by renewing your membership prior to the November 6th due date.  Your Farm Bureau membership gives you access to outstanding benefits, programs and services such as:  eligibility for Preferred Companies in Country Financial, IAA Credit Union, Bail Bond Cards, events, trips, entertainment, discount programs, agricultural news and information, landowners group, policy development, the Cooperator, and much more. Please plan on sending your renewal or stop by the Farm Bureau office today to maintain your active membership in your organization. Member Renewals can be paid online.  Deadline date is November 6th.  Reinstatement's and new memberships MUST BE PAID BY CALLING  (708)354-3276 or mailing a check to our office. Thank you to the members who have already renewed their membership. Should you have any questions or problems, please ...

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Representatives from Japanese Trade Organization Visit Cook County Farm

Masahide Horota from the Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Research Division of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Ko Hikasa, Consul with the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago examine a soybean field with Cook County Farm Bureau Vice-President and grain farmer Mike Rauch.  Horota and Hikasa traveled to Rauch’s Tinely Park farm to discuss the impacts of the drought and his anticipated yield.

Federal law links a CDL driver’s license with medical cards

Illinois holders of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) may be required to have a valid medical card. CDL drivers are encouraged to appear in-person at a CDL testing facility to affirm whether they are required to have a medical card and whether they operate on an interstate or intrastate basis. Generally, those interstate drivers who are required by law to have a medical card will have to have their medical card in-hand at the time of that visit. This requirement was effective January 30, 2012, and must be completed by January 30, 2014. Those drivers whose CDL expires within that two-year period can fulfill the requirement when they go in to have their CDL renewed. Those whose CDL expires after January 30, 2014, will have to make a special trip to one of 47 CDL testing facilities prior to that deadline to complete the task. The purpose of the law is to finally link the medical card to the CDL. It will also make that medical record a part of the federal electronic database on CDL drivers known as & ...

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Foodie News Update - August 2012

Foodie News - Highlighting the foods consumers want, beyond what they need

2012 Recipe Collection Posted

The Commodities/Marketing Team's 2012 Recipe Collection is now available! Check it out on the Recipe Page.

This year's recipes focus on cooking fresh locally and were submitted by Cook County Farm Bureau members.

Life Lessons

September 2012 For the past eight months, I have been reminiscing about my childhood on the farm and the various life lessons I learned along the way. When I started this series, I indicated that some life lessons result from a positive occurrence, but (unscientifically) my life has demonstrated many times the power of the “negative” in teaching a person. As I sit here and ponder the word “negative”, I find that I no longer view those experiences as negative. Fortunately, time has a way of adjusting one's perspective (and dulling the pain). I must confess, part of my hope has been to draft something that I could use to influence the choices my kids make in the future. Now, if I could only figure out how to get the kids to read the Cooperator! Perhaps I should just put these life lessons in a lockbox /time vault for opening in 25 years when these kids of ours are attempting to influence, direct, teach their own children. I can picture the group of kids and grandkids huddled around the ...

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Looking for a FUN-FILLED Day on the Farm?!

Well, then plan on attending our 6th Annual CCFB Family Celebration Picnic at Goebbert's Pumpkin Farm in Barrington on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 from 1pm-4pm (lunch served 1:00-3:00).  Tickets are $15 for Adults (ages 12 & up), $10 for Children (ages 3-11), and ages 2 & under are FREE.  Each person will receive:  Admission to AnimalLand—including the corn & straw town maze, 1 voucher for a wagon ride, 1 voucher to be used for a pony ride, camel ride, haunted house or jumping pillow and all children will receive a voucher for 1 small pie pumpkin.  The event will feature a picnic buffet lunch which includes:  Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, roasted corn, chips, apple cider donuts, kettle corn and assorted sodas/water.  Call 708.354.3276 to order your tickets.

Manifolds, Manolos and Manure

Ten years ago armed with a fancy Bachelors of Science degree and a couple of hours of graduate school under my belt I ascended the steps of my first job. As I ogled the marble work and eyed peoples’ shoes I thought I knew it all. Like many before me I rightly assumed that the wheels of State government were slow and that legislation never truly disappeared. I’d wrongly assumed that what happened in a legislator’s district didn’t impact what happened under the marble dome of the Capitol. In fact, according to a recent edition of Associations Now 46 percent of congressional staff indicate that when a constituent visits a member’s Washington office, their visit has a “a lot” of influence on an undecided member compared to just eight percent who say a visit from a lobbyist has the same influence. Taking it one step further, at breakfast the other day I learned that many legislators place more weight on a phone call as opposed to an email because it is so easy to send ...

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