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May, 2014

Downwind by Bob Rohrer, CAE, FBCM, Manager

“Organizational Personality” Farm Bureau is in the “People” business.  We have people that choose to join the Organization as members.  We have people that volunteer to lend their skills, enthusiasm, talents and strengths to further the goals of the Farm Bureau.  We have people that work for our Affiliated Companies that help provide services and protection to our member people. We have people that work as Staff serving all these other people!  We have People that spend large chunks of their free time serving as part of the Leadership Team for the Farm Bureau.   Farm Bureau People meet…FB People interact…FB People connect…FB People relate. As Manager, I am very fortunate to work with so many of these good People.  It is inevitable and right that a close bond is formed with many of these People… April 23, 2014 was a difficult day…a difficult day for Cook County Farm Bureau People and for me personally. Two long ...

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Illinois: 'Where Fresh Is' Campaign kicks off!

Television advertising, billboards and social media outlets across the state have begun promoting Illinois:  Where Fresh Is this week, a campaign highlighting Illinois-grown produce at more than 300 participating locations, including, grocery stores, farmers' markets and farm stands.    Each location is proudly displaying the Illinois:  Where Fresh Is banner near its Illinois-grown fruits and vegetables section to encourage consumers to buy local! This is the second year of the program. Several of last year's participants saw up to a 50% increase in sales due to their participation. New to program this year is a Buy Illinois Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Challenge. The challenge encourages consumers to dedicate $10 of their existing grocery purchases to buying Illinois-grown produce.  If every household in Illinois participates, the Illinois Department of Agriculture estimates the purchases would generate $47 million dollars a month for local economies.  ...

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Farm Bureau considers Policy Prohibiting Felons from Seeking Public Office

During the 2014 Primary Election, two convicted felons sought election to the Cook County Board.  One of the candidates was removed from the ballot prior to the March Primary Election.

Article 13, Section 1 of the Illinois Constitution states that “A person convicted of a felony, bribery, perjury or other infamous crime shall be ineligible to hold and office created by this Constitution.  Eligibility may be restored as provided by law.”  The Unified Code of Corrections (730 ILCS 5/3-3-8) provides that eligibility to hold public office is automatically restored upon completion of a prison sentence. 

Farm Bureau members are recommending that delegates amend policy 106, Elections, to prohibit any person convicted of a felony, bribery, perjury or other infamous crime from seeking any municipal, township, county, state, or federal office.

Commissioner Timother Schneider to Host a Fishing Derby

U of I Extension Celebrates 100 years!

This morning, Willene Buffett, Cook County U of I Extension Director, helped lead the Celebration of the 100 year Anniversary of the approval of the Smith-Level act which created the Cooperative Extension service in our Country.  At a gathering of Extension partners, supporters and friends at the Chicago Cultural Center, an event was held for a celebration and recognition of the occasion.  CCFB Manager, Bob Rohrer, represented the Farm Bureau organization and read the Resolution passed by the CCFB Board of Directors.  

Congratulations on 100 years and we look forward to partnering for the next 100 years!

Members & Families Encouraged to Submit Entries to 2014 Member Photo Contest

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) is once again asking its members to bring rural life into focus by taking and submitting pictures for the annual member photography contest.  Picture Illinois, the 2014 Member Photo Contest, is open to IFB members and their families. The contest is limited to photos taken in Illinois in 2012 or after, by amateur photographers.    Entrants can submit their photos to one of three categories, including “Country Kids,” “Rural Routes” and “These Boots Are Made For…”. The grand prize winner will receive $150, while three first place winners will receive $75 each, three second place winners will receive $25 each and the photo selected as “Members’ Choice” at IFB’s 2014 Annual Meeting in December will receive $50.  The contest runs from June 1 to Nov. 1, 2014. Winners will be announced in the Spring 2015 issue of Partners magazine and in FarmWeek in January, 2015. Employee ...

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Farmers Wanted

The 50th Ward Community Market is looking for vendors for their Wednesday evening farmers market.  The market is held at the Republic Bank parking lot, 2720 W. Devon Ave. in Chicago beginning on July 9 from 4 till 8 pm.  At this time the market offers baked goods, artisan breads, pre-made sandwiches, ethic foods, Indian handicrafts, and handmade soaps.  The market is looking for produce vendors.  For additional information contact Chicago Alderman Debra Silverstein's office at (773) 262-1050.

Restoring a Cancelled CDL

*Taken from "Transportation Update" Those CDL-licensed drivers who failed to declare the status of their medical card have now had their CDL driving privileges cancelled due to failure to declare their medical card status or because his/her medical card expired. To restore a cancelled CDL: 1. Driver gives medical card to the SOS office who loads the expiration date into their computer. 2. Computer grabs expiration date at the 90 days before cancellation mark and sends the driver a reminder that they have 90 days left on their medical card. 3. Medical expires, the SOS places the driver on "non-certified status" and notifies the driver. 4. If the medical card still remains expired on the 31st day, the SOS will cancel the CDL and notify the driver. 5. The CDL remains cancelled until the driver either renews their medical card or they go into a facility to renew their base license.  At the time of renewal, the driver will either have to drop the CDL completely, or provide a new medical card to get the ...

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Ag Lit Bit

This last month  Ag in the Classroom has been filled with special moments with the children of Cook County. Let me provide a few “Ag Lit Bits” direct from the mouths of the youth who participated in our spring programming.  Ag Day 2014 student feedback (3rd grade): What did you learn? Worms have no eyes or ears, 5 hearts and 2 stomachs. It takes 21 days for a chick to hatch. Worm poop is good for soil. Goats eat anything…even nametags! Shampoo, paint brushes, candles, buttons and crayons are made from pigs. In the winter pigs have the temperature turned up high and in the summer they have fans and water.  The stages of development for chicks. That agriculture is food, clothes, shelter. How eggs are graded. Only female cows give milk. Illinois grows a lot of soybeans. I learned popcorn is the state snack. That soy beans are in most of the products we have.  Corn has 800 kernels on one cob. That field corn/dent corn is the most popular kind. Le ...

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Proposed “Waters of the US” Rule of Concern to Farmers

Earlier this year, the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Army Corps of Engineers announced that they were issuing a joint proposed rule to clarify the Clean Water Act (CWA).  However, the proposed rule goes beyond clarifying the CWA and drastically expands the jurisdiction of the USEPA and the Army Corps. Under the proposed rule, the USEPA and the Army Corps would have authority over: ·         Seasonal and rain-dependent streams ·         Adjacent streams and wetlands that feed into those streams ·         Isolated wetlands or other waters that have a “significant nexus” to the traditional navigable waters. The proposed rule will make it more difficult to farm or change a farming business to remain competitive and profitable. Farm Bureau members and leadership are fully engaged in activities to eliminate or reduce the impact of the prop ...

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