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Application deadline date is February 17, 2018.

Meet our 2017 Scholarship Recipients

Howard Paarlberg Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship

The recipient of the award designed to honor Mr. Paarlberg, the first President of the Foundation and President of the Farm Bureau for 16 years, was designed as the top rated applicant carrying the prestige of being the best candidate and a greater financial reward for the individual.

Thomas Poole

This awarded scholarship is designed to honor Mr. Paarlberg, the first President of the Foundation and President of the Farm Bureau for 16 years.  The recipient carries the prestige of being the top rated applicant and a greater financial reward for the individual. Poole attends the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana with a major in Crop Sciences.  He has been a member of the FFA Program and an active member of the CHSAS Horticulture Greenhouse Team.  He seeks to help integrate the world of agriculture and the environment in urban areas as a career.  Thomas is the son of Thomas and Susan Poole of Chicago.

General Scholarship

Devan Groves

Devan attends Oklahoma State University with a major in Pre-Veterinary with an Animal Science focus.  Devan wishes to specialize in sports medicine not only because of her background with sport horses, but also because it entails job variation as well as new technological advances and room to consistently learn more.  Devan is the daughter of Robert and Anna Lester of Cary. 

General Scholarship

Alyssa Volland

Volland attends the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana with a major in Pre-Veterinary/Animal Science and minor in Chemistry.  Ever since Alyssa was assigned a career project in High School she knew that she wanted to be a veterinarian.  The project made her aware of how demanding and competitive the career is and that attracted her even more to be a vet. Alyssa is the daughter of Randal and Lisa Volland of Tinley Park.

General Scholarship

Xavier Morgan

Morgan attends the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana with a major in Ag Communications and Advertising. Previously he studied at Joliet Junior College. He has goals to be a productive citizen and contribute and give back as much that has been given to him. Morgan is the son of Vera Flournoy of Chicago.

General Scholarship

Jessica Biernacki

Biernacki attends the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana where she is studying for her Master of Sciences degree for Agricultural Leadership Education. She has grown up in her family’s greenhouse business and has taken on many responsibilities there.  Biernacki volunteers her time for the Annual Ronald McDonald Food Checkout Day and also serves as the chair for the CCFB Young Leader group.  Her goal is to work in the area of Agricultural Education, Training and Literacy.  Biernacki is the daughter of Dan and Karen Biernacki of Tinley Park. 

General Scholarship

Colleen Elzinga

Elzinga attends Ripon College with a major in Veterinary Medicine.  When Colleen is accepted to vet school, she plans to focus on larger animals since they appeal to her the most and the majority of animals that you commonly see on the farm.  Colleen is the daughter of Dean Elzinga of Evergreen Park.

General Scholarship

Katherine Manika

Manika attended St. Joseph College with a major to study Pre-Veterinary/Biology.  She recently completed an internship at Springbrook Animal Care Center in Naperville where she benefited from hands-on experiences that included assisting in taking x-rays, pre/post-op care, learning how to insert catheters and much more.  The program has also reassured her love for animals and wanting to become a vet to help not only animals but people as well.  Manika is the daughter of Colleen Manika of North Riverside. 

General Scholarship

Aidan Walton

Walton attends Illinois State University Champaign-Urbana with a major in Agribusiness and a Spanish minor. Walton’s goal is to work for an Agribusiness that helps people across the nation and possibly the world. He is the son of Leah Walton of Westchester.

The Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation was established by the Cook County Farm Bureau to carry out charitable, literary and educational work in Agriculture.  The Foundation Board established the Agricultural Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to students pursuing education for agricultural careers and to encourage the best and brightest young minds to return to Agriculture as their chosen career.

Janet McCabe, President of the Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation, says, “We commend each of the scholarship winners for the quality applications submitted.  We congratulate these young agricultural leaders of tomorrow and we wish them the best in their academic studies and in their pursuit of ag-related careers.”

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