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4th Grade In-School Field Trips

Free In-School & Virtual Field Trips

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Free School Presentations

Intro to Agriculture in Illinois

4th Grade

Free virtual live program will allow students to discover how Illinois agriculture production and processing meets the local and world demand for food, fiber and energy. Introduces basic agricultural information such as crops and livestock, agriculture’s important relationship with natural resources and the environment and the use of 21st century technology in farming today. Virtual live program appx. 45 minutes.

There’s AG on My Plate

4th Grade

This virtual live follow-up to the Intro to Agriculture in Illinois program is designed to engage students in thoughtful discussion and activities connecting what farmers produce to the USDA MyPlate®.

Apples & Pumpkins

Pre-K-4th grade

Apples and Pumpkins are always a good idea!

Keeping Warm this Winter

K-4th Grade

From hot cocoa to warm woolen mittens this 30-minute virtual live presentation explores the wonderful ways agriculture can keep us warm all winter.

Bookmark Contest Winners Selected

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Jim Bloomstrand

Agriculture has been Mr. Bloomstrand’s life-long focus; from growing up on a grain and livestock farm in East Central Illinois to receiving an Agriculture Engineering Degree from the University of Illinois.

Sarah Koukol

Mrs. Koukol is a certified teacher with 13 years of classroom teaching, most in fourth grade. During those years she taught about agriculture in her classroom and took workshops on agriculture from Ag in the Classroom.

Kathy Lesser

Mrs. Lesser was born in Chicago but has always had a love for farming.While in college she worked for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and after college became a Kindergarten teacher in Chicago.

Linda Schaeffer

Mrs. Schaeffer is a certified teacher who has been attending Ag in the Classroom workshops for years. She has taught 1st grade and preschool for 18 years and became interested in teaching...

Linda Dunn

Mrs. Dunn has been a presenter with Ag in the Classroom since 2007. The highlight of this job for her is being able to reach children who know little to nothing about agriculture and watch them absorb the information she presents.

Toni DeLaurentis

As a young child, Toni lived on the island of Malta where her grandfather worked on a dairy farm.  Her family eventually settled in Lansing, IL where Toni went into taught fourth grade for 25 years.

Amy Toth

Amy Toth began with Ag in the Classroom in 2015. She is a certified teacher who has taught both second and fourth grade. She loves to visit fourth grade classrooms to give her presentations. She also loves to design programs to meet the needs of all learners.

Valerie Jones

For more than 20 years, Ms. Jones worked with teachers, parents and students as an educator in and out of the classroom. She taught them about healthy living and proper nutrition.

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