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Thank A Farmer

Farmers do more than grow and raise food the food we eat! Agricultural products are found in almost all aspects of our daily lives: ethanol used for gasoline comes from corn, soybeans are used to make crayons, tires, and shoes, fibers including cotton and wool keep us warm, violin strings, bone china, drumheads, and the hair used for brushes come from pigs, and leather for purses and furniture, gelatin for Jell-O, makeup, and shampoos, and tallow for paints, candles, and soaps come from cows.

The Cook County Ag in the Classroom program will collect the thank you letters and publish them online on our farm bureau website. A selection of letters will appear in the December issue of The Co-Operator newsletter.


Mail letters to:

Cook County Farm Bureau

c/o Ag in the Classroom

6438 Joliet Road

Countryside, IL 60525


Or email them to

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