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Video SeriesShort and Sweet Home Learning

short and sweet, lessons for everyone...


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Farmer Blake is going to teach us about caring for animals on the farm



View interactive Corn

Ag Mag here




View interactive Soybean

Ag Mag here



You need someplace for all your animals to live...

look in the recycle bin or craft drawer for items to turn into a barn and silo for your farm friends


What's a silo you ask?  Watch this video for the answer


Farmers have a lot of duties on the farm. Click on the hat to enjoy a lesson that explores all the hats a farmer wears to make their farm run. 

Make a job spinner here




Horsing around with

Farmer Blake


View interactive Horse

Ag Mag here



Add a footprint horse to your farm


Enjoy this HANDS-on activity to learn how horses are measured





Farmer Blake is teaching us about chickens



View interactive Poultry

Ag Mag Here



No farm is complete without chickens!  

Grab some paper plates, trace your hand for the comb and don't forget to draw on a wattle



Check out these Eggellent lessons





We explore MORE about Cows

with Farmer Blake



View interactive Livestock Ag Mag here



Make an udderly adorable family of cows to keep you company.  

Simply trace your shoe, add ears and a face.  Don't forget to add an ear tag so you can identify your cow.



Got Guts?

Investigate the ruminant digestive system.

Lesson Here


Exploring dairy cows with Farmer Blake




View interactive Dairy Ag Mag here



Play Dairy Kahoot! here...

no need to download an app





Science is Fun!

Enjoy this STEM activity with simple ingredients from the kitchen


Milk Explosion



Ever wonder where your milk came from?


Grab your milk carton and track it here! 



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