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Fall and Winter

All About Alpacas

Learn more about alpacas with these fun facts

  • Alpacas are related to both llamas and camels. They are all part of the Camelidae family.
  • Most alpacas are 48-54 inches tall and can weigh anywhere from 106 to 185 pounds.
  • Alpacas can live up to 20 years.
  • Alpaca wool is considered hypoallergenic and is water and flame-resistant.
  • There are no wild alpacas. They are all domesticated animals.



Fascinating Farms Around the World

Take an interactive journey around the world to visit 16 farms. These are not your ordinary farms with cattle, sheep, hay, or grain. These farms produce specialty crops such as salmon, tulips, alligators, wind, mussels, coffee, leeches, lavender, yaks, seaweed, ostriches, rice, sunflowers, salt, ostriches, solar power, and alpacas. This journey would be an excellent supplement for elementary geography and agriculture lessons to teach students about less common types of farms.





 Step into the Inca World By Philip Steele

This book explores the Inca civilization, including information on diet, domestic life, and religious beliefs. Instructions for making crafts are included throughout. Sections on living on the land, hunting and fishing, food and feasts, and textiles and tunics provide useful information and activities for connecting agriculture and social studies.



  The Ultimate Llama and Alpaca Book By Jenny Kellett

With more than 100 incredible facts, gorgeous hi-res photos, and a word search, children will be completely immersed and fascinated by the exciting world of llamas and alpacas in this interactive book for kids.

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