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Spring and Summer


There is so much to learn about soil, but let's keep it to the basics. Sand, silt, and clay...


Soil Shake Up Lesson


Soil health is imperative for a successful garden and the Cook County Farm Bureau(R)  is proud to offer soil test kits with expert support from master gardeners so you can confidently correct any issues the soil test might reveal. Click here for more information or to purchase a soil test kit. 




Soil, not just for growing things!  learn how to paint with soil.

Have some fun, collect soil from different areas in your yard, and break down any lumps with your fingers. Put each powdered soil in a small cup and mix with water until desired consistency. Create your masterpiece on heavy paper like a paper shopping bag, freezer paper, sketchbook paper, or construction paper. Were you able to find soils of varying color?


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