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Summer Professional Development

Summer Academy

Summer Professional Development 2023

Save the Dates...June 19-22, 2023

Soil Science Kit

Ships to you, no need to return. Grades 4-8.

Ag Days 2023

Visit the Farm

Ag Day 2023 Registration is NOW OPEN!


Apply Now

We are excited to announce our 2023 classroom grant. Apply for up to $350.00 to bring the wonder of agriculture alive in your classroom.  

Ag Mags & Ag Venture Worksheets

4-Page Colorful Ag Magazines for Kids

The Illinois Farm Bureau® Ag Mags contain information about agriculture, bright pictures, classroom activities and agricultural careers. Contact Cook County Farm Bureau® to receive copies for your classroom. Keep scrolling to find the newly created Ag Ventures pages.

Teacher Workshops

We are proud to offer free workshops to Cook County teachers. Earn free PDCH. Materials and lessons provided, topics vary by season, always something new to look forward to!


Bring Illinois agriculture into your classroom, adopt a farmer!

QR Codes

Lessons Featured in Monthly Cooperator

This year’s monthly member newsletter, The Cooperator, is featuring a wide range of QR Codes designed to provide a quick ag literacy resource for educators or individuals interested in learning resources. Check back monthly to see what topic is being explored.

Multi-Disciplinary Agriculture Integrated Curriculum

Our learning kits are multidisciplinary, all inclusive, and designed to bring agriculture to life in your classroom. We provide lesson plans, along with supplementary supplies (if needed) on the following subject areas: Soil•Insects/Pollinators•


On-Line Lessons

National Ag in the Classroom offers amazing Google Doc lessons for you to copy and use absolutely FREE!

Teacher Resources

Illinois Ag in the Classroom

Illinois Ag in the Classroom is a great resource year-round. It's filled with teacher resources and workshops, as well as other informative articles.

Additional Links

Links to more information on a topic, or other places with a multitude of resources.

National Ag in the Classroom Matrix

Online Curriculum Map for K-12 Teachers

The Matrix contextualizes national education standards in science, social studies, and nutrition education with relevant instructional resources linked to Common Core Standards.

Syrup-From Tree to Pancake

Have you ever wondered how pure maple syrup is made? Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation summer intern, Emily Lopata, can show you how!

We Are Cooking Up Fun

Cooking is fun, educational, and delicious! Join us this week as we use agriculture in the kitchen

Step Outside to Look and Learn

Opportunities to learn are everywhere! We look...
Join us as we learn about the things we see in our everyday lives.

Video Series

Short and Sweet Home Learning

Enjoy a visit to the farm without leaving your home. Join us as we explore dairy cows, ruminant animals, feed, chicks and more. Ideas to use for educators and "new parent teachers".

Journey 2050

Journey 2050 takes students on a virtual farm simulation that explores world food sustainability. Using an inquiry-based approach, the program encourages students to make decisions and adjusts them as they see their impact on society, the environment and the economy at a local and global scale.

Lunch and Learn


Consumer Engagement and Ag in the Classroom Farm Tours

Disguise A Turkey

YAY! Turkey survived Thanksgiving!

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