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Adopt-a-ClassroomTeach your classroom where food and fiber come from!

Would you like to teach your classroom where food and fiber come from?

If you are a Chicago area teacher, your students can correspond with an Illinois farmer through the Adopt-a-Classroom Program. From fall to spring your classroom will interact with your Farm Writer and gain valuable knowledge through the farmer's experience.


How does it work? 

  1. IAITC will "match" your classroom with an Illinois farmer through the Adopt-a-Classroom program.
  2. During the school year, the farmer will correspond with your classroom describing how food and fiber is grown in Illinois. They may also send samples of seeds, photos, farm magazines, etc. to help your students understand daily life. Some farmers even visit with your classroom!
  3. In return, your classroom will write letters, emails or even Skype with questions and comments. 


"Most of my children had no idea what a farm was like—they learned so much."
– A Chicago Teacher

"I enjoyed writing my adopted classroom because they had so many questions. I sent them photos, cookies for Valentine's Day, and a stalk of beans, wheat heads, and ears of corn."
– A Farm Writer


To participate in the Adopt-a-Classroom Program or for more information contact Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom at or call 309-557-3334. Visit our website at

 Click here to be matched with a Farmer 

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