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Ag in the Classroom offers a large variety of kits available for loan free of charge.  All kits are inclusive and designed to bring agriculture to life in your classroom with hands-on activities and exercises in math, science, social studies and language arts based on the CORE/Next Generation Science Standards.

Teachers pay a $20 refundable deposit and may have the kit up to two weeks, with the exception of the embryology kit which is available for four weeks. 

Special Topic Learning Kits:

Breakout Box Kit:  Create a team problem-solving activity using our breakout box. Comes complete with locks, sample worksheets and lessons, blacklight, invisible pen and access to agriculture mysteries to solve and unlock the box using clues.  

Apple Kit: Apples are the centerpiece to this collection of lessons and activities that are perfect for many different ages. Inside you’ll find tons of worksheets to copy for your class, instructions for the Apple Chain, along with many other crafts and videos like Apple Farming for Kids. 

Pumpkin Kit: Pumpkin Patch: A Vine Through Time is a great way to introduce harvest season to students. This kit is full of fun learning activities and craft ideas like the 3D Pumpkin for your classroom. Books, movies and informational guides all about pumpkins complete this hands-on learning kit. 


Seasons on the Farm Kit: Seasons on the Farm helps the younger students understand the seasons of the year and what happens on the farm during each time. The kit includes several books on all the seasons, harvest time, pumpkins, apples, two DVDs and even fun stamps for the kids to use during activities.


Other kits available: Fiber, Pig, and Adventures Around the Farm


Learning Kits/Tubs Available:

Soil: Soils are alive, as students will discover through the lessons in this kit. Students will learn to conduct experiments in soil pH, create soil profiles and understand the component of soils. They will also unveil the history of crop rotation and dig into the Dust Bowl. Kits include a printed activity guide in a 3-ring binder.


Poultry: Students will uncover interesting facts about U.S. poultry productions through exercises and hands-on experiments. They'll learn about the anatomy and nutritional value of an egg. They'll also learn about the history of egg production and find out how poultry dishes are prepared around the world. Kits include a printed activity guide in a 3-ring binder. 


Plant: This kit offers problem-solving activities in plant propagation, production, and processing. Students will conduct experiments to learn about plant differences and plant ecosystems. They'll also sequence plant products, research the discoveries of George Washington Carver and look at the impact of crops on the national economy. Kits include a printed activity guide in a 3-ring binder.


Insect: Students will learn about the impact of insects on crop production through a variety of lessons and activities. Mapping exercises let students follow butterflies on migration patterns. Students track a day in the life of an insect and learn about wingspan, life cycles, anatomy and social hierarchy patterns of common insects. Kits include a printed activity guide in a 3-ring binder.


Dairy: Hands-on exercises let students explore the processes of using milk, acids, enzymes, and bacteria to make cottage cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. Students will find out how much milk one cow produces in its lifetime. They'll also dive into history, and they'll learn about issues of supply and demand in the dairy industry. Kits include a printed activity guide in a 3-ring binder.  


Machines: Students will learn about the history of farm machinery and the impact of modern farming techniques on families and communities. They'll also learn how inventors John Deere and Cyrus McCormick helped shape modern agriculture. Hands-on exercises let students identify machinery parts and estimate farm machinery costs. 


Contact Jill or Diane at or call 708-354-3276 to order your kit today!

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