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We Are Cooking Up Fun

Bread, Butter & Jam



View Wheat Ag Mag here

Field to Flour

Bread Making Lesson


Find the Gluten Lesson


You Can't Have Bread Without Butter and Jam


Enjoy Clarabelle, Making Milk and So Much More



More Fun With Milk

Learn How Here



Butter Comes From Cows...

But a Cow Made of Butter? That's CRAZY!

Now, Let's Make Jam No Pectin Needed Get the Recipe Here


Don't Forget to Travel Beyond the Barn Door for More Information on Wheat


Who Grew My Soup?



View Seasons Ag Mag here

View Nutrition Ag Mag here



Click here to "meet" the author of Who Grew My Soup? and hear him read it. Afterward, enjoy the activities and lessons below


View Who Grew My Soup? lesson booklet by Illinois Ag in the Classroom here


Eating Plants Lesson


Vegetable Spinner Lesson


Click here for awesome

soup recipes




The Cow in My Kitchen



View Poultry Ag Mag here


Learn all about eggs here


French Toast and Syrup Lessons


Breakfast Word Search






Ooh la la….Apple A La Mode




View Apple Ag Mag here

View Dairy Ag Mag here


How Does an Apple Grow?


Apple Orchard Riddle Lessons


Parts of an Apple Lesson


Apple Crisp Recipe

Ice Cream is Always a Good Idea!



Have you ever wondered where your milk came from? Find out here


Creating Pizza---Not Just a Recipe!



View Pizza Ag Mag here


30-Minute Delivery?

How about 5 YEARS!

 Pizza in Real-Time Lesson here


Find Worksheet Here



Pizza Starts On The Farm

Go Beyond the Barn Door to Explore All About Pizza


It all starts with the crust

Make your own with a few simple ingredients 

 Get the recipe here


Listen to the Little Red Hen

Makes A Pizza


If you’d like to check out a kit with this book and actual wheat to use in your classroom next fall, email us at to reserve.



 Make Your Own Solar Oven From a Pizza Box 



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