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Board of Directors

Gerry KoppingVice-President



What impresses you about the Cook County Farm Bureau?

 Just as our county farm bureau slogan states we supports Farm, Family and Food in cook county.

What impresses you about CCFB Members? 

Their generosity and support in what our organization works to accomplish.

What impresses you about the CCFB Board of Directors and the team? 

The sense of family and like minded agricultural values the Board shares. The great knowledge, support, and interest in commodity and marketing support in cook county.

How about the CCFB Staff?

How they go above and beyond in their accomplishments at the CCFB office.

What is your favorite responsibility within the Cook County Farm Bureau? I enjoy being the Chair person in Commodity and Marketing Committee, helping direct the meetings and see our projects through. I am thankful for our staff person Debbie Voltz for her organization and preparation of our meetings.

Why do you think that the Cook County Farm Bureau is important to your farming profession? 

If we have issues on how our government controls or limits our ability to farm or sell our products we have a voice that will help tell our side.

What is a memory stamped into your mind from your involvement with Cook County Farm Bureau?

I had the opportunity to support and expand agriculture markets into Cuba.  This was with the Illinois farm bureau and the support of the Cook County Farm Bureau.

What is a favorite farm or food memory?

I enjoy construction projects and moving/reconstructing a 72’ x 210” barn with a riding arena was a great sense of accomplishment.

When you are not working on Farming and Farm Bureau related business, what is something you like to spend time doing?

 like to spend time with my family and friends in Wisconsin snowmobiling, atv riding, boating, hunting, fishing or walking our dogs. I also enjoy going to quarter horse shows and watching our animals compete.

What is your favorite food?

I enjoy a good burger with the works on a fresh baked bun and of course cheese.

What is your favorite tractor? 

I have a  International farm-all Super C that was purchased in Lemont at Ludwig implement  many years ago and was the first tractor I drove raking hay as a child.   I now went green with a John Deere 7420 IVT PREMIUM that I enjoy.

What did you want to be growing up? 

I wanted to be a farmer or a biologist.

What is the most interesting question you have received about Farm Bureau? 

Are there farms in Cook County?  I then go on to explain we have almost every type of farm products grown or raised in our state. Diversified.

What is the most important reason members should join the Cook County Farm Bureau? 

We all eat and a good local source of fresh farm products is of importance.


Photo: Fishing in Key West for Barracuda

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