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Janet McCabe

Janet McCabe is the current President of the Cook County Farm Bureau. Watch as she discusses modern food practices.

Mike Rauch, Grain Farmer

Cook County farmer Mike Rauch hosts Cook County Farm Bureau for an interactive virtual combine ride.

Mark Yunker

Mark Yunker, Hay producer and Cook County Farm Bureau Board member.

Gerry Kopping

Gerry Kopping has been a director since 2004. He is Chairman of the Commodities/ Marketing Team and currently sits on the Foundation Board. Kopping owns and operates a hay and grain production operation, raises beef cattle and has a horse stable in Cook and Will County.

Doug Yunker, Young Leader

Cook County Farm Bureau® Young Leader Group Vice-Chairman relies on technology to enhance agricultural production while protecting the environment in both his career and on his family farm. The Young Leaders Group is dedicated to developing tomorrow’s agriculture leaders today, to educate consumers and legislatures, while giving back to our communities.

Follow Yunker Farms on YouTube at

Zeldenrust Farm Market

Farm Bureau staff visit with Ruth Zeldenrust, Zeldenrust Farm Market in this harvest video. Zeldenrust Farm Market grows vegetables, perennials, and bedding plants in Chicago Heights.

Kristen Yunker, Young Leader

Kristen Yunker is a long time member of the Cook County Farm Bureau Young Leaders Group.

Virtual Dairy Tour

Join Jeff and Bona Heinsohn for a virtual tour of their working dairy farm.

Thomas Poole, Young Leader

Cook County Farm Bureau Young Leader Thomas Poole may have grown up on the southside of Chicago, but his education and career choices were shaped early by the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, and the Young Leaders Group.

Goebbert's Pumpkin and Farm Market

Jim Goebbert and son Lee, own and operate Goebbert's Pumpkin and Farm Market. They are gearing up for their pumpkin activities which includes, hay rides, haunted house, rides and a great cafe and farm market.

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