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Member Appreciation Week

Member Appreciation Week April 18-22 2022


Thank you for your participation!!


We truly appreciation our members and want to say thank you for your membership, your involvement, your interest, and your support.   


Congragulations to our Winners! 


Monday                                      Tuesday                                                        

Brew & Brew Basket                  Fiesta Basket     

Robin Scheldberg                       Kimberly Pointer

2 AMC Tickets                             Soil Kit  

Ashley Lemke                              Kristin Erwin 

Free Membership                       Free Membership

Joyce Dienes                                Connie Johnson 

Steven Taft                                   Tim Sisk



Wednesday                                Thursday

Rainy Day Fun Basket                Gardeners Corner Basket 

Connie & Thomas Phistry         Patricia Flores-Muller      

CCFB Swag                                   Delta Sonic Car Wash   

Thomas Neaubauer                    Stephanie King    

Free Membership                       Free Membership

Helena Turner                             Diana Denton           

Kim Morton                                 Gordon & Bernadette Pierce       



Wine & Dine Basket

Lisa Joyes

Home Run Inn Gift Card

H. Hatzidimitradis

Free Membership

Louis Zielezinski

Art Schmidt



We wish all of our members a prosperous and healthy 2022…We look forward to serving you!


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