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Member Appreciation Week

Member Appreciation Week April 19-23, 2021

Thank you for participating in Member Appreciation Week! Below is a list of our lucky winners. We truly appreciate our members and want to say thank you for your membership, your involvement, your interest, and your support. We know that it has been a long and difficult year for many. Thank you for partnering with us to get through it!


Member Appreciation Week Daily Winners



        Buy Local Gift Basket                Linda Wagner

        2 AMC Tickets                             Remigijus Dzerzanauskas

        2 AMC Tickets                             Steven Spellman

        1 Year Free Membership           Aidan Walton

        1 Year Free Membership           Richard D. Schultz

        Pink Pillow Pet                            Louisa Coloff


           Summer Gift Basket                  Kathleen Down

           Soil Kit                                         George Lagis

           Soil Kit                                         Jessica Posada

           1 Year Free Membership          Robert Damico

           1 Year Free Membership          Jean Clough

           Pillow Pet                                    Jay Roberts



        Outdoor Fun Gift Basket          Cynthia Mack

        CCFB Swag Bag                           Linda Jacox

        CCFB Swag Bag                           Marvin Selock

        1 Year Free Membership           Gerhard Henning

        1 Year Free Membership           Loretta Gomulka

        Pillow Pet                                     David Jerbi



           Family Fun Gift Basket            Karen King

           Delta Sonic Car Wash               Paula Matzek

           Delta Sonic Car Wash               Karen Bimler

           1 Year Free Membership          Steven Riggs

           1 Year Free Membership          Margaret Novak

           Pillow Pet                                    Dan Schreiber



        Pamper Yourself Gift Basket     Sheila White

        Home Run Inn Gift Card            Leah Walton

        Home Run Inn Gift Card            Linda Lokun

        1 Year Free Membership             Robert Konow

        1 Year Free Membership             Tony Munno

        Pillow Pet                                       Teresa Bross




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