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Manifolds, Manolos, and Manure

01/06/2023 @ 9:15 am | By Bona Heinsohn,CAE

I didn’t make resolutions this New Year. I didn’t follow through with them in 2022.

I haven’t reduced my Dr Pepper consumption. Probably actually increased it now that I think about it. Oops.

Manifolds, Manolos, and Manure

12/07/2022 @ 8:30 am | By Bona Heinsohn,CAE

Election night came and went in my household. Like in 2020, my farmer and I voted by mail. Together we sat on the couch researching candidates and filling in circles. It was enjoyable. And a little strange. My farmer will tell you that each election I remind him that he can’t complain about the election outcome. Politics. Policy decisions. Or elected officials without voting.

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