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CCFB News» February 2019

From the CountryBe Prepared For Tornado Season

Tornado season begins in April and lasts through June, but actually tornadoes can and do occur 

every month of the year.  That’s why it is important to always be prepared.


The first step of tornado safety is to know the difference between a watch and a warning. These terms often confuse people. A watch always comes before a warning and indicates weather conditions are ideal for the development of a tornado. A warning means a tornado has definitely formed and has been sighted. The best way to remember the difference is to think of a watch as an advisement to be on guard.


The best time to take action is during a tornado watch. Once a tornado warning has been issued, you may not have enough time to get to safety.


If a storm hits while you are outside

  • NEVER try to outrun a tornado. Tornadoes can change directions quickly and can easily lift vehicles and toss them around, making vehicles potential deathtraps. Always get out and away from vehicles.
  • Take shelter inside a building immediately, if possible.
  • Find the lowest point possible. Lie in a ditch, ravine or low area or crouch near a strong building and cover your head and neck, if you cannot take shelter inside.
  • Leave mobile homes and get to a safe place. Mobile homes, like vehicles, can be tossed around by heavy winds.
  • Be aware of potential flooding.


Once you have taken shelter in a building

  • Go at once to the basement, storm cellar or lowest level of the building. Go to inner hallways or smaller inner rooms without windows, such as bathrooms or closets if the building has no basement.
  • Stay at the center of the room and away from corners because they tend to attract debris
  • Be mindful of where there is heavy furniture or appliances on the floor directly above you because heavy winds can weaken walls and floors.


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