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CCFB News» Emily Lopata 2021, Ag Lit Summer Intern

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    Ag with Em

    An Opportunity to Grow

    Spending my summer with the Cook County Farm Bureau as an Ag Literacy Intern can only be described as wonderful. Working with an organization whose vision is to help people recognize and value the importance of agriculture has been so rewarding. Every day I felt that I was contributing to a cause that is so important to me.

    Ag with Em

    Oh my Gourdness!

    The idea of carving pumpkins is most likely still overlooked by thoughts of the pool and sunny days, but for my family and me, the magic of pumpkins and gourds is in full bloom…Literally!

    Ag with Em

    A Day at the Beach with a Farmer
    07/05/2021 @ 8:30 am | By Emily Lopata 2021, Ag Lit Summer Intern

    When you press your toes into the hot sand and watch the waves crash against the beach, you are most likely not thinking about farmers at all. Why would you be? You are surrounded by palm trees and there is not a cornfield anywhere in sight. However far you may be from an actual farm, in reality, a farmer is right there with you in the form of the many products that their essential work provides to us.

    Ag with Em

    06/03/2021 @ 10:00 am | By Emily Lopata 2021, Ag Lit Summer Intern

    Howdy everyone! My name is Emily Lopata, and I am the 2021 Agriculture Literacy Summer Intern. During my time with the Cook County Farm Bureau, I will be writing the column Ag with Em! Agriculture has always been a prominent topic in my life.

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