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    Ag Lit Bit

    Not a Dream
    12/02/2018 @ 2:00 pm | By Diane Merrion

    As the end of the year approached, it was time to get all of those last-minute tune-ups and check-ups which included one very interesting conversation about agriculture.

    Ag Lit Bit

    "Choices Abound"
    11/01/2018 @ 10:30 am | By Diane Merrion

    As we anticipate the celebration of Thanksgiving this month, we join many cultures in being thankful for the food provided by our farmers.  No matter what your tradition is for Thanksgiving, whether it be football or turkey, it all originates from the farm.

    Ag Lit Bit

    Maybe Next Year
    10/01/2018 @ 7:45 am | By Diane Merrion

    Corn and more corn, soybeans, wild turkeys, deer, cattle, a double rainbow and we hadn't even arrived yet.

    Ag Lit Bit

    05/01/2018 @ 12:40 pm | By Diane Merrion

    I’m anxious to begin planting and hope my seeds and seedlings produce good results.  I’ll think of this book as I plant, and I will also think about the seeds of knowledge our Ag in the Classroom presenters planted this school year. More on that topic next month. 

    Ag Lit Bit

    04/01/2018 @ 11:20 am | By Diane Merrion

    Time seems to fly by year after year and only after looking back at some of the inventions from the past do I really sense how fast things are changing.  It’s crazy to think of how long ago some things were invented and their continued impact today or their quick demise being replaced by another product.

    Teacher Workshop April 17, 2018

    03/21/2018 @ 11:15 am | By Diane Merrion

    Earth Day and Our Natural Resources will be the theme of our professional development workshop for teachers on April 17th from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Learn new ways to incorporate the topics of soil, water, erosion and more into your curriculum during this two hour program held at the Cook County Farm Bureau.

    Bring Your Classroom Alive! Cook County Teacher PD Workshop 2/27/18

    02/12/2018 @ 11:21 am | By Diane Merrion

    Join the fun at our hands-on educator PD featuring the topics of seeds, eggs and embryology. Learn new ways to bring science, math and language arts to your curriculum using agriculture resources. Attendees will walk away with free resources and lesson plans. Pre-registration required by emailing or calling us at 708-354-3276.

    Ag Lit Bit by Diane Merrion

    02/01/2018 @ 3:15 pm | By Diane Merrion

    "Smell the Roses": This month features the holiday that some love and some loath.  Whatever way you look at it, Valentine’s Day is hard to avoid.  It’s also a huge economic boom often bringing in over $18 billion according to the National Retail Federation.  Approximately one-third of that total represents floral sales, which falls just below candy and cards.

    Ag Lit Bit by Diane Merrion

    01/01/2018 @ 4:00 am | By Diane Merrion

    New Year, New Labels: With the new year often comes New Year’s resolutions.  What are the most common resolutions? Exercise more, lose weight and eat healthier are often the frontrunners. Just how does one eat healthier?  I say by reading the labels and, as one of our classroom presenters Toni teaches, eat as close to the farm as possible. I love that saying!

    Ag Lit Bit by Diane Merrion

    12/01/2017 @ 4:40 am | By Diane Merrion

    What toys do you get a child this holiday? It’s hard not to get caught up in the non-stop advertisements for toys and gifts.  Television ads started the day after Halloween, newspaper pullouts blind us with toy ideas, December issues of magazines list the “Best Toys of the Year”, and then there’s the vast increase of catalogs found in our mailboxes every week.