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Upcoming Events» April 2020

Workshop on Preparing Wills and Trust and Transferring non-Titled Property

04/21/2020 @ 6:30pm

Estate Planning and Trust Administration

Presented by Thomas J. Olofsson, J.D., Estate Planning Attorney       


Do you need to update your will? Do you know what to do in preparing a will and a trust? Do you understand what probate court is? This program will provide the advantages and disadvantages of preparing a will and trust. The program will inform you what types of information you will need to gather and decisions you will need make before meeting with a lawyer to prepare a will or trust. Also, tips will be shared on what to look for in choosing a lawyer and where to locate a lawyer for this task.


Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate? Transferring Non-Titled Property!

Presented by Katherine Reuter, Consumer and Financial Education Consultant


Distributing personal items such as wedding pictures, a vase, furniture, jewelry, Grandpa’s pocket watch, or even Grandma's pie plate is an issue that impacts almost all families. Attorneys say that personal property, not the more valuable titled property, causes the most problems when settling an estate. This program will provide tips to help you distribute your own or others non-titled property such as understanding the sensitivity of the issue; deciding what you want to accomplish; deciding what the word “fair” means in your family; identifying the meaning of precious possessions; recognizing distribution options and consequences; and learning how to manage conflicts, if they arise.


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Cook County Farm Bureau

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