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Farm Shadow Program

Farm Shadow Program to focus on Agricultural Career Exploration

Our Farm Shadow Program is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain valuable insight into potential agriculture careers. Through partnerships with our Farm Bureau professional members working within the ag industry, we hope to provide  high school students with an understanding of how their coursework connects to the variety of jobs in our field so they will come away with a better understanding of the skills needed to be successful. We want our area’s enthusiastic, bright minds to seek agricultural careers through this program.


For further information, contact Katrina at [email protected].  We welcome inquiries from high school educators to learn more about ag careers and from  ag-related business professionals who may want to host or speak at a farm shadow event. 


13 High School Students Attend Apple Farm Shadow Program


Students enrolled in Lyons Township High School’s Sustainable Urban Agriculture course visited the Urban Barn, located at James J. Sexton Park in Evergreen Park, as part of Cook County Farm Bureau’s Farm Shadow Program.


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