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Visit our NEW Shop Local online directory! It’s a great way to #shoplocal and support businesses in your community.


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You’ll find:


  • Diverse local food and agriculture businesses in Cook and surrounding counties.
  • Local farmers markets, businesses, and food!


Welcome to Shop Local
Whether you are a farmer looking to reach new customers or a consumer looking for fresh produce, local dairy, or a brewery in your area- our Shop Local directory is a MUST-HAVE resource! Click on the map below to shop the food and agriculture businesses in Cook and surrounding counties. Search by business type or change to card view for a view of all available listings.


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Register Your Local Food or Farm Business Today​ 

Our Shop Local directory provides simple yet powerful search tools to connect growers, buyers, sellers, and consumers. Join and register your business today. Once you join, you can login and access your account profile as often as you need. The more information you place on your profile, the more searchable you become to the consumer and across a joint network of affiliations. You can also add an e-commerce store or link to an existing store.


Because of our partnerships, updating your MarketMaker profile enables automatic updates across multiple platforms, including Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Specialty Growers Association, Illinois Farmers Market Association, Farmer Veteran Coalition of Illinois, and the newly added Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois. All of these affiliations are important ways to increase sales and access.


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Shop Local is brought to you through a partnership with Illinois Farm Bureau, in cooperation with the Illinois Specialty Growers Association, and Illinois MarketMaker.


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