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What We're Working On» November 2015

Farm Bureau Concerned about Paintball Gun Ordinance

11/10/2015 @ 7:50 am | By Bona Heinsohn

Farm Bureau sent the following letter to Cook County Commissioners regarding a proposed paintball gun ordinance.

Cook County Farm Bureau® is opposed to Ordinance 15-5254 (Replica Firearms and Paint Pellet Gun).


Farm Bureau policy #109 (Firearms) states that Farm Bureau is opposed to new, more stringent gun control laws.  The policy further states that any new commitment to gun control should be made by the strict enforcement of current laws (Policy 109, page 85, lines 25-26).


Additionally, paint pellet guns are visually different in appearance than firearms.  The exceptions in the ordinance provide for the transport of paint pellet guns by the licensee or agent or employee of the licensee or by a common carrier.  Under the ordinance, individuals who already possess paintball guns would not be able to transport their own guns to a range.  The ordinance is moot regarding paintball guns owned prior to the effective date.


We acknowledge the goals of the ordinance and recognize the challenge of curtailing gun violence in the County. 

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