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What We're Working On» September 2018

Harvest Season Emergency Permit Now Available

09/14/2018 @ 2:10 pm | By Bona Heinsohn, CAE

Earlier this fall, Governor Bruce Rauner declared an emergency harvest period until December 31.  This permit is only applicable for the transportation of all agricultural commodities from “Illinois’ fields to market and also to and between storage or processing facilities.”


For farmers interested in obtaining a Harvest Season Emergency (HSE) permit they need to work with the highway jurisdiction on whose roads they intend to operate on.  If the route crosses several road jurisdictions- state, county, township, or municipalities- the farmer will need a permit for each jurisdiction.  Please note that only local jurisdictions, not the state has the option of waiving the requirement for a written permit.  Also, each jurisdiction will have the option of requiring periodic renewal of the permit.


The permit will allow a maximum of ten percent over the standard weight restrictions.  All three common forms of weight restriction- gross, axle and registered are addressed by the permit.


To request a HSE permit or overweight/oversized haul permits for Cook County roads, farmers should visit:  The Highway Department is available at (312) 603-1670.


Additional Resources:

Additional information regarding HSE permits is available here

Form OPER 993

More information and IDOT’s permits for state routes are available online at the ITAP website:

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