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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Cook County Farm Bureau® is an organization of people.  Members help the organization achieve great things year after year by volunteering time, energy and talent to create better agriculture in Cook County.


We are blessed to have many excited and enthusiastic volunteers who offer so much to our efforts and we welcome members who want to join in on the fun…


Listed below are a few opportunities:


Action Teams


On an annual basis, the Board of Directors seek members that wish to provide regular leadership assistance and support of programming through our 6 Action Teams.


 These Teams meet face to face on the 2nd Wednesday of February, April, August and December for planning and program development purposes and provide support for many of the programs that are developed through each Team.


Ag Literacy– This group of leaders focuses on the overall Ag in the Classroom program, teacher education, ag days, and ag literacy grant programs with a goal of helping kids understand how food and products end up on their table and in their homes every day.


Commodities & Marketing Team– This group of leaders works on promoting local farm stands, assisting farm markets, development of landowner group programming, equine activities, commodity promotions, agricultural tours, the giant pumpkin contest and agri-tourism concepts to help area farmers stay in business and succeed financially.


Governmental Affairs Commitee– This group of leaders focuses on legislative and local affairs, development and enactment of organizational policy, political involvement, grass roots legislative communications and key issue discussions to improve area agriculture and families' lives in Cook County.


Member Relations Team– This group of leaders work on benefits, recruitment ideas, member communications, reward programs, membership services, the annual meeting, leadership training, and related activities to enhance the CCFB membership experience.


Public Relations Team– This group of leaders works in the areas of consumer information regarding agriculture through the Speakers Bureau, program outreach, and public communications to share the importance of farming with consumers and the general public.


Young Leaders Team– This group of leaders focuses on becoming closer with the Farm Bureau organization, strengthen leadership abilities, improve agriculture as an industry through programs and activities and provides self-improvement opportunities as the next generation of Farm Bureau leaders


Farm Corps

For those who want to volunteer as needed or “on-demand.”  This is an “on call” group of members that we reach out to a few times per year when we need an extra set of hands that will bring enthusiasm for agriculture.


Examples include:


  • Working with Ag Literacy programs such as Ag Days, farm camp or the summer library reading program.
  • Working at public outreach events such as the Wagner Dairy Breakfast or Food Checkout Day.
  • Working with our other teams on programs that help members, improve agriculture and expand knowledge about farming.

**If you have interest in any of the above opportunities, please complete the form below.  


 Volunteer Form 


Here's something you already know, every day, politicians and regulators make decisions that impact farming, agriculture and people's lives.  Don't feel discouraged.  You can take back your influence in Washington, Springfield, and even your own backyard with Farm Bureau's FB ACT program.


FB ACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) started as a group of men and women who had an interest in the legislative process.


When you join FB ACT, we periodically ask that you vote and respond to important action requests by emailing or calling your elected officials on key agricultural issues.  It is easy, simple and best of all, effective!  Sign up today to get involved in the process.    To join FB ACT text ‘FARM’ to 52886.


CCFB Foundation Sponsored Volunteer Opportunities

Giving to a "cause" doesn't always need to be financial.  Give a bit of time and learn about farming and food. The Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation sponsors a number of educational events in which volunteers are the key to a successful outcome.


  • Ag Days
  • Summer reading programs
  • Leadership Academy
  • Entrepreneurship grant mentoring
  • School mailings office support 

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