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For the Love of Gardening

New To GardeningAdvice for first time gardeners

1. Start small and have successes, then “grow” the size of your garden.  

2. Don’t fight the site- put a plant that likes shade in the shade, likes wet soil in wet soil, etc.  If you are on clay that doesn’t drain as needed, consider using a raised bed.
3. Keep kids and pets in mind when selecting plants.  Follow best practices, use chemicals sparingly and ALWAYS follow label directions.


Watch University of Illinois Horticulture webinars.


Members are also encouraged to contact the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener Resource Center
via email with questions and for assistance with gardening and lawn questions.


For more information on where to get supplies, soil, and flowers checkout our Buy Local Pull Out Section from our         May 2020 Co-Operator as well as the Farm Products Locator page.

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