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Shitake QuesadillasGibby’s Gourmet Mushroom, Llc

Shitake Quesadillas | Gibby’s Gourmet Mushroom, Llc

Smoked Shitakes are delish if you have a smoker. This recipe mimics the smoky flavor…not a fan of smoky, just eliminate the paprika and liquid smoke.

2-3 T butter                                          1 lb Shitake Mushrooms, chopped

2 garlic cloves, roasted                    ½ t cumin

2 sprinkles liquid smoke                 1-2 shallots, chopped  

Handful of cilantro, chopped        4-6 tortillas, your choice

Freshly grated Monterey Jack or cheddar cheese


Heat 2 T butter in skillet and sauté mushrooms, shallot, add garlic at end. Stir in paprika, cumin, smoke. Brush tortillas with remaining butter, sprinkle cheese and mushrooms on tortilla and top with a second tortilla.  Skillet method: toast tortillas in pan until crispy, then decorate. Oven method: assemble tortillas, bake on sheet pan in 350 F oven. Sprinkle with cilantro. Drizzle with Avocado Sauce Yield: 4 servings

Avocado Sauce

1 avocado                                            ½ c sour cream

1 lime, juiced                                       salt to taste

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