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King Trumpet Mushrooms w/ Brown Butter & ThymeGibby’s Gourmet Mushrooms LLC

You can add this scrumptious combo to any meal you choose or slice thicker  and use as a meat replacement.


5 t  butter

16  oz  King  Trumpets (larger trumpets can be in 2-inch slices, like a scallop,  or slice to your desire and add to any dish)

1 -2  lg  garlic clove, minced

4 sprigs fresh   thyme

1 t low- sodium  soy  sauce


To make brown butter, melt 4 t butter in a sauce pan over medium heat. Swirl the butter in the pan until it foams, continue to cook 2-3 minutes. When brown specks appear, remove from heat, set aside. Using a large cast iron skillet, melt 1 t butter. Add the thyme and stir around. Add the mushrooms. (If using scallop slices heat slices one side until brown.) Pour half brown butter, then flip and add rest of brown butter. If  using smaller slices, sauté whole batch until tender. Salt, pepper, soy sauce, to your tas te. 4 Servings

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