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CCFB News» August 2017

The newest edition of “Motor Vehicle Rules for Illinois Farmers” is now available.

08/30/2017 @ 3:20 pm | By LINDA TOBIAS

This publication—and individual topic pages—can be found online at


This publication expands on the previous version and includes:


·         FVD & CFV Exemptions


·         Driver Qualifications & the FVD


·         Driver Qualifications & the CFV


·         CFV Designation Application with Form


·         DOT Physical Certification


·         USDOT Number & the UCR


·         Size & Weight Limits


·         ATV Use on Public Roads


·         Implements of Husbandry


·         SMV Emblem


·         Supervisor & Driver Training (Drug & Alcohol Screening Program)


·         Wide Loads of Farm Equipment


·         License Plates for Trucks


·         Driver’s License Types & Classifications


Be sure to check for revisions from time to time. Due to ever changing regulations, this publication is periodically updated. 

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