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CCFB News» June 2018

Let's Talk About the Ag on Your Plate

06/01/2018 @ 6:55 am

Where are my local farmers?  Answered by Ruth Zeldenrust, Cook County Farmer


When did buying food for our families become so complicated?  We hear buzzwords like “grass-fed,” “sustainable,” and “local” everywhere regardless if we’re shopping at our local grocery store or buying at our favorite farmers market.  It’s easy to ask, “what does this all really mean?”


We’re all local farmers.  Local farmers are not only at your favorite farmers market, but their commodities like milk or meat is also in national and international brands like Dean’s   


Even national and international brands like Dean’s Foods or Tyson Foods® are made up of local farmers’ commodities.  Dean’s Food boosts 16,000 farmers.  Many local farmers sell their products to national and international brands rather than directly to the consumer.


Regardless of where you find your local farmer, farmers are committed to growing and raising a healthy and nutritious product for your family and our’s.


Have a question?  Submit it to [email protected]. We’ll share questions with our farmers and publish their answers as space allows in upcoming issues of The Co-Operator.   

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