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CCFB News» September 2018

Ag Lit BitSchool Lunches

09/01/2018 @ 8:00 am | By Diane Merrion

Hard to believe, but September has arrived and school either has or is about to begin again.  Whether it’s a brown paper bag or a reusable bag or box, students of all ages are beginning the process of “packing their lunches” for school.  Well, maybe it isn’t the students, but that perfect Mom or Dad.

As my assistant, Jill, and I were reminiscing about making those lunches, she shared how much love went into each bag.  Now my kids may not have felt that same love, but they knew two PB&J’s would hold them over until after school. I attempted carrots, strawberries and more and know 2 out of the 3 probably traded the healthy items.

But that was then, and this is now.  How things are changing!  How would our kids have felt if the lunch Jill and I made was labeled as a “smart” or “wholesome” lunch?  How would they have felt if it contained fresh prepared salmon and hot rice?  Or perhaps an item from a local restaurant appeared as their lunch according to their specification? 

“No way”, I thought, until I caught up on a new business model that enables parents to order their child specific restaurant menu items to be delivered to the school, labeled for their child and ready to eat.  “Amazing,” I said and reread it to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.  Yes, making lunches gets old for whoever does it, but it just seems as much a part of growing up as getting your driver’s license.  What to make for dinner or lunch was the question of the day. 

So, I’m not sure what to think of this but my initial thought is, “Really!”  As we get more and more removed from where our food comes from, this is yet another way not to work with food.  Kind of like not preparing any family dinners together but getting fast food.  Where is the love?  Where is the personal touch? 

Perhaps I’m bitter as I recall many years ago telling my husband I had a great business idea.  We could get people’s shopping lists and go to the grocery store for them and deliver their food back to them.  He thought I was crazy and said, “Sure and how would we ever make any money doing that?”  Maybe I should have thought of customized school lunch delivery. 

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