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CCFB News» February 2019

Farm Bureau Comments on the Use of Dairy Labels for Plant Based Food Products

02/04/2019 @ 8:30 am

Farm Bureau Comments on the use of Dairy Labels for Plant-Based Food Products

Cook County Farm Bureau® submitted the following comments to the Food and Drug Administration regarding the use of dairy labels for plant-based food products:


The purpose of this communication is to provide comments on Docket No. FDA- 2018- N- 3522 the use of names of dairy foods in the labeling of plant-based products or beverages.


Farm Bureau policy #238 National Dairy Program (page 74, point 1.15) supports banning the use of dairy labels for artificial or imitation dairy products.  Plant-based products should be labeled as artificial or imitation rather than as “milk,” “cultured milk,” “yogurt,” or “cheese.”


Plant-based products are packaged, merchandized and sold in the same way as real dairy foods, yet provide fewer nutrients and therefore cannot be considered suitable substitutes.  Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and butter, are defined by its inherent characteristics including how and where it is sourced.   The production and collection of milk is highly regulated and adheres to specific standards.  Quite simply, adding plant protein, calcium and a few other ingredients to water does not make a product “milk”.


As the largest county farm bureau, Cook County Farm Bureau® is dedicated to bridging the gap between farmers and urban consumers.  Through education programs targeting youth and their parents, and programs designed to connect farmers with potential consumers, Farm Bureau members are actively engaging in conversations about food and the shared values between farmers and consumers.


If you have any questions or we can provide any assistance, please feel free to contact our Director of Governmental Affairs, Bona Heinsohn at 708-354-3276 or via email at [email protected].


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