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CCFB News» April 2019

Horse Carriages

04/03/2019 @ 9:00 am

Cook County Farm Bureau® sent the following letter to Cook County legislators on the House Transportation: Vehicle and Safety Committee.


Cook County Farm Bureau® is opposed to HB 3339 due to the burden it would place on state agencies and horse owners. 


Points of concern include:


  • The burden placed on the state for regulation of horse carriages.  The bill involves the Secretary of State, Department of Transportation, State Police, and Department of Agriculture in rulemaking.
  • Licensing requirement for all horse carriage operators even if they are operating on a part-time or limited basis.
  • HB 3339 stipulates the tack horse carriage operators can use.  Tack decisions should be made by the horse owner and carriage operator who know the horse and its training.
  • The bill also stipulates that the horse must be shoed and the type of shoes the horse must wear.  This decision should be determined by the horse owner and the Ferrier.  Shoeing needs are best determined by professionals with knowledge of the horse’s needs and environment.
  •  HB 3339 also requires the horses to be stalled, which is a decision best made by the horse owner.  As is whether or not the horse should be blanketed.  


As the county’s largest general farm organization, Cook County Farm Bureau® is dedicated to bridging the gap between farmers and urban consumers.  Through education programs targeting youth and their parents and programs designed to connect farmers with potential consumers, Farm Bureau members are actively engaging in conversations about food and the shared values between farmers and consumers. 

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