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CCFB News» June 2019

Soybean Fun Facts!

06/04/2019 @ 9:45 am


  • Soybeans are small round seeds, each with a tiny, brown spot called a hilum.
  • Each soybean plant grows 60-80 pods, and each pod has 3-4 beans inside.
  • The soybean is used for animal and human consumption, as well as consumer and industrial use.
  • Farmers in China began growing soybeans more than 5,000 years ago.
  • One bushel of soybean weighs 60 pounds.
  • One bushel of soybeans provides 11 pounds of crude soybean oil and 47 pounds of soybean meal.
  • Soybeans are a source of high-quality protein and contain all eight of the essential amino acids.
  • The soybean plant sprouts small flowers which grow into small pods of soybeans.
  • The soybean is one of the most versatile seeds grown in the world.
  • In 2018, Illinois farmers grew 699 million bushels of soybeans, making them the #1 producer in the U.S.
  • The soybean is the highest natural source of dietary fiber.
  • One acre of soybeans can produce approximately 82,368 crayons.
  • Soy ink is used in over 95% of America’s daily newspaper.
  • Soy-based foam is used for seat cushions in many vehicles.
  • The average American consumes nearly half a cup of soybeans in some way each day.


*From the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom 2018-19 Calendar for Teachers

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