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CCFB News» October 2019

CCFB Donates $3,500 to Local Food Pantries

10/04/2019 @ 9:20 am

This summer, Farm Bureau launched the “Food Pantry Challenge” to engage consumers and provide financial donations to local food pantries.


This first-year program enabled Cook County Farm Bureau leaders to engage with over 118,000 urban consumers in conversations about modern farming and the healthy and nutritious food local farmers grow while partnering with and financially supporting 14 non-profit food pantries.  Over four months and through seven Facebook polls 14,000 consumers voted for their favorite food pantry.  In addition, over 118,000 consumers engaged with Farm Bureau through this program.  As a result, Farm Bureau donated $3,500 to 14 local food pantries while expanding consumers’ knowledge of agriculture and local food pantries.  Unlike other social media programs, this program relied solely on organic Facebook activities as opposed to paid social media advertising.


The program will continue and be expanded upon in 2020.

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