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CCFB News» November 2019

Advocates Call for Aldermen to Negotiate Horse Carriage Ordinance and Rules

11/04/2019 @ 8:25 am

For several years Chicago horse carriage operators and aldermen have been at odds over the operation of carriages on city streets.  Opponents of the carriages claim that they are antiquated and a relic of Chicago’s history.  Proponents of the carriage argue that what truly needs to be revised is the ordinance and rules the governing the operation of Chicago’s horse carriages. 


Cook County Farm Bureau staff have been working closely with the carriage operators and Horsemen’s Council of Illinois and have identified several areas of improvement including:

  • Clarification of carriage operation hours as opposed to eight different timeframes based on location, days of the week, or holidays
  • Areas of operation, including allowing additional locations away from downtown areas
  • Conflict between the ordinance and rules regarding where the temperature is measured


It’s also important to note that the original ordinance was not created by veterinarians; instead it was created by individuals involved with the Chicago Police Department, mounted division.  Decisions regarding animal care and use should be made by experts, including veterinarians and equine owners. 


The rules governing horse carriage operations were created in 2011 prior to the addition of pedicabs or the increased traffic in the downtown area.    


Cook County Farm Bureau staff will continue monitoring this issue and will continue to engage with advocates and city of Chicago Aldermen.

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