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CCFB News» November 2019

Ag Lit BitThankful for "the team"

11/01/2019 @ 12:00 pm | By Diane Merrion

Our “team” of ag literacy professionals is out and about and running full steam ahead as you read this.  Their schedules are full and winning record continues, just like our Chicago Bears (hopefully as of this writing).  We all play an important role both here at the farm bureau and out at the schools. Here’s a look at some similarities between football terms and our Ag In the Classroom world in Cook County.  As Thanksgiving approaches, we give thanks to the teachers, mentors, counselors, family and friends and all who impact our lives, especially our team of presenters.


Huddle: When the eight presenters/teammates come together to discuss strategy of reaching Cook County classrooms this year. On offense, the Coordinator and Assistant who relay the plays in the huddle.


Incompletion: A scheduled class visit that falls to the ground because of a potential teacher strike impedes the program, a polar vortex hits or other testing interferes with the attempt.


Delay of Game: The PowerPoint goes up on the computer, however school technology does not comply.  Presenter loses valuable time.


Holding: The student who holds the corn, wheat or soybeans and won’t pass them on to the next student.


Encroachment: When a participant crosses the line and makes holes in the grain game packets.


The Center: The presenter who handles the “ball” on every presentation.


The Receivers: The students who are fortunate to learn about agriculture!


Quarterback: The leader of the team. The teacher who takes the time to include agriculture in their classroom.


The Fans: All of you who support our ag literacy efforts through donations to the Foundation, volunteerism for our educational programs, and membership in the Farm Bureau.  The “tickets” are really reasonable and bring education and knowledge to youth and adults right in your neighborhood.  Spread the word and encourage new fans to join our team!  Happy Thanksgiving.

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