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CCFB News» November 2019

Chicago Anti-Animal Ordinance

11/05/2019 @ 7:45 am

City of Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez followed through on his threat to introduce an ordinance to limit livestock from residential areas without a “Livestock Permit” from the Commissioner of Health.  “Livestock” includes domesticated four-legged farm animals, including, but not limited to swine, sheep, and goats.  The ordinance also limits “fowl” which includes any poultry or waterfowl.  “Roosters” are defined separately.


Individuals wishing to keep livestock or fowl shall apply for a “Livestock Permit.”  Necessary information for the permit includes address, dimensions of the area where the animals will be kept, number and species of livestock and fowl the applicant wishes to keep, and any additional information deemed necessary about the Commissioner of Health. 


The ordinance prohibits roosters from living in a residential district.


The ordinance further regulates urban farms and requires a license for operation.  The ordinance provides that before issuing a regulated business license to an urban farm, the Commissioner of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection shall consult with the Commissioner of Health and notify the alderman of the affected ward.


Farm Bureau staff will monitor the issue and engage if appropriate.  

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