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CCFB News» December 2019

Study on Eating

12/05/2019 @ 4:15 pm


Americans younger than 40 are more likely to embrace new food trends compared to those 40 years or older, according to a Michigan State University study. The Michigan State University Food Literacy and Engagement poll surveyed more than 2,100 Americans on emerging food technology and options, including GMOs, plant-based protein and meal kits, according to Progressive Grocer.


Some key findings of the poll include:


*GMOs: 47% of Americans think they rarely or never consume GMOs or don't know how often they do, 55% of those younger than 40 recognize they consume GMOs daily or once a week, and 32% of those age 40 or older recognize this.


*Meal kits: 32% of American consumers have tried meal kits within the past 12 months; 44% of those consumers are younger than 40, and 24% are 40 and older.


*Plant-based protein: 35% of Americans have eaten plant-based protein in the past year; 90% say they would do so again, 42% have not eaten plant-based protein but are willing to try it, and 30% are unwilling to try it. Of consumers already eating plant-based protein, 48% are younger than 40 and 27% are older than 40.


*Insect proteins: 25% of American consumers are willing to try foods made with insect-based protein, such as cricket powder. Of those consumers, 40% are younger than 40 and 15% are 40 and older.


*Cell-cultured protein: 35% of American consumers say they are likely to buy cell-cultured protein with 49% of those consumers younger than 40 and 25% are 40 and older.

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