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CCFB News» March 2020

DownwindThe Time Capsule

03/01/2020 @ 8:15 am | By Bob Rohrer CAE, FBCM, Manager

Over the past month, I made a point of emphasizing to the board and staff of the Cook County Farm Bureau® that this March issue of The Co-Operator publication was going to be part of the documents inserted in the time capsule that will be “planted” March 28th during our 100-year anniversary celebration. The future Cook County Farm Bureau board and staff will open the time capsule in the year 2070, 50 years from now. They will look at this publication and review its words. We don’t want those Farm Bureau leaders of the future to think that their Farm Bureau ancestors were anything but talented, skilled, enthusiastic, witty, thoughtful, and impressive deep thinkers. A lot of pressure to get this right!


A few weeks ago, my wife and I flew to Washington, D.C. for a very special ceremony. I had the distinct honor to “pin” sergeant stripes onto my youngest son who serves our country with pride in the U.S. Army. In the process, I not only enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my son but to interact with other leaders and members of his army team and enjoy the great level of comradery, respect, determination and affection that they share for one another.


Our country has had plenty of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, becoming battle tested. Through it all, the Constitution’s principles have endured…protecting the rights of the many and the few. Its strength has been, is currently and will always be in the people.


Our armed forces are an extension of the people. The amazing and brave men and women of the armed forces serve with valor as the protectors of our Constitution and of the liberties enjoyed by the citizens of the United States that it provides. For nearly 250 years, these protectors of liberty have created a tremendous legacy of service, gallantry and selfless dedication. Today’s generation continues that tradition into the future.


These same principles provide comfort and hope for the future of the Cook County Farm Bureau. In 50 years, when future Farm Bureau members open the time capsule and read these words, I expect that our country, Constitution and armed forces remains a beacon of hope and freedom for the rest of the world.


There are plenty of things that I wonder about when the time capsule is opened in 50 years…What are the key crops grown in this area and Illinois? Will newspapers be “a thing”? Will the Cook County Farm Bureau have a physical office, or will it be virtual? Has the climate changed in the Chicagoland area? What is the role of robotics in farming? Will I still be Manager?


I was fortunate enough to know some of the members of the Farm Bureau that were involved the 50-year anniversary of the organization. Will the CCFB leaders opening the time capsule know some of us from back in the year 2020? I confess that I do not have enough imagination to be a futurist to properly consider the tremendous changes that will occur in agriculture, Farm Bureau and society over the course of 50 years. I do, however, trust in the solid foundation created by the founding fathers of the United States, agriculture and Farm Bureau.


PS. To the readers of the future… I should mention that we were pretty cool people…just ask the ones who knew us!

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