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CCFB News» March 2020

Farm Bureau Recognizes Country Financial Managers/ Financial Reps

03/04/2020 @ 7:05 am

On an annual basis, the Cook County Farm Bureau® pays special tribute to the Country Financial Managers and Financial Representatives that earn All American honors as well as those that are named in the top 10 recruiters of membership. In order to earn the recognition, Country Financial Reps must be “Farm Bureau certified” by seeking additional knowledge and information about the Cook County Farm Bureau. The following Country Financial Managers and Financial Reps were recognized this past winter include…


Orland Park Country Financial Agency: Cary Tate, Manager

                All Americans: Jim Andresen, Tom Geraghty, Brian Zielinski, Dan Gallivan

                Top 10 Recruiter of the Year: Mike Spadoni


South Holland Country Financial Agency: Jeff Orman, Manager

                All Americans: Tim VanZuidam, Jim Verduin, Tim Perchinski, Jim Parthemore, Jeff Orman


Chicago South Country Financial Agency: Jeff Maxson, Manager

                All Americans: Alonzo Nevarez, Nick Zegar, Jeff Maxson

        Top 10 Recruiters of the Year: Alonzo Nevarez, Gwen Shaw, Martha Dominguez, David De Santiago


Chicago Northeast Country Financial Agency: Sharon Stemke, Manager

                All Americans: Nader Mikhaeil, Ray Massie, Sr, Tim Hranka, Ibrahim Essa, Sharon Stemke

                Top 10 Recruiter of the Year: Nader Mikhaeil


Chicago Northwest Country Financial Agency, Jack Smith, Manager

                All American: John Doherty


Chicago North Country Financial Agency, Victoria Nygren, Manager

        Top 10 Recruiters of the Year: Margaret Jura, Matt Whitsett, Ilir Numani, Robert Barron, Vicki Nygren




Manager Bob Rohrer presents Country Financial Rep, Alonzo Nevarez, with a letter from the Cook County Farm Bureau commending him for his All-American status and recognizing his top 10 recruiter honor.



Country Financial Rep, Ibrahim Essa, was recognized as an All-American for the first time!





Gwen Shaw, County Financial Rep, earned Top 10 Recruiter of The Year honors.




 Tim Van Zuidam was recognized for achieving All- American status.

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