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CCFB News» April 2020

COUNTRY Financial supports Cook County Farm Bureau’s Agriculture in the Classroom

04/06/2020 @ 10:30 am


COUNTRY Financial supports Cook County Farm Bureau’s Agriculture in the Classroom


Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) emphasizes the importance and diversity of agriculture to students. For the 2019-20 school year, IAITC set out to celebrate the connection between the environment and agriculture by showcasing that every day is Earth Day on the farm. Even with the switch to e-learning for most schools, counting down to Earth Day allows IAITC to continue celebrating a focus on the environment, which for those in agriculture, is imperative to protect.


COUNTRY Financial was proud to renew their annual partnership with IAITC and this year, to support a limited run of Earth Day posters. Displayed in offices around the state, the poster is just one of the many partnerships their annual contribution affords. Promoting the relationship, many Agricultural Literacy Coordinators and COUNTRY Representatives took to social media to share photos of the posters. Cook County AITC distributed copies of the poster to local teachers during their March 11th Earth Day Workshop. 


Agricultural Literacy Coordinators who serve as frontline educators and provide classroom presentations throughout Illinois appreciate the contribution which also helps fund County Coalition Grants for their programs. As a contributor to the County grant fund, raised each year by the IAA Foundation, COUNTRY helps ensure that Illinois students continue learning the importance of agriculture in our economy and society.


“COUNTRY is proud to assist with Ag in the Classroom opportunities because we share the same passion for agricultural education,” said Lindsey Rinkenberger, Director of Commercial/Agribusiness Underwriting Operations at COUNTRY Financial. “Our financial representatives are committed to enriching the communities that we serve, and for a long-term impact, there is no better place to start than with students.”


“Coordinators represent IAITC with great dedication and expertise,” said Kevin Daugherty, Director, Illinois Center for Agricultural Engagement, which implements the statewide program, “providing them with the funds they need to continue doing outreach in the counties is paramount to our mission.”  


“We are beyond thankful for the support of COUNTRY Financial and COUNTRY Financial Representatives throughout Illinois. The IAA Foundation’s goal to provide a fully-funded year for IAITC is within reach because of their generosity,” said Susan Moore, Director of the IAA Foundation.


While Earth Day may come and go, the importance of agriculture in our daily lives will remain. Continual support to Illinois teachers through IAITC materials ensures that the positive aspects of agriculture are integrated into classrooms. With the support of COUNTRY Financial, students will know that the importance of the environment showcased every day on the farm, not just Earth Day!


View the poster here

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